Smartwatch and Bluetooth earbuds for the sport enthusiast

✓ Body check temperature

✓ Auto start and auto-link wireless earbuds

✓ Track the heartbeat



Smartwatch comes along with wireless earbuds

Not only show you the right time, it shows your daily activity tracker and app notifications.


Temperature check


Literally Smartwatch

Auto-start and auto-link device. Connect the wireless earbuds with the smartwatch easily, quickly. Wireless Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4, iOs 9.0. Easy setup and feature.


Real-time Heartbeat

Track all your activities. 24/7 heart monitoring.


Sensitive Tracker

X-time Lite comes with photodiode sensors, green LED lights indicator, Infrared LEDs.


Sturdy and Sleek Design

Touch screen smartwatch. Color amoled full-touch display. Unlimited watch faces. Display your daily steps, daily activities, and heartbeat.


Wireless Earbuds

Easily plug the wireless earbuds into the smartwatch. Bluetooth pairing. Fingertips sensitive touch.



Product Specifications

Ring chip: n52832
TWS headset chip: ats3009
Compatible system: Android 4.4 above, IOS 8.0 above
Flash memory: 64KB ram 512KB
Screen type: TFT
Screen size: 1.14 ”
Resolution: 240 * 135
Temperature sensor: t880
Rate detection: manual / automatic detection, once every 10 minutes / 30 minutes, average value (APP has switch), and test in resting state
Sedentary reminder: support (need app, vibration)
Call / SMS content push: with separate switch
Information reminder
There are separate switches: (call, SMS, wechat, QQ, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, line
Instagram, snapchat, Skype, Gmail, other mobile applications)
The bracelet supports multi language push (including Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, covering 150 countries
Flip switch app terminal settings
System switching 24 / 12 hour system, distance English metric system (APP required)
Shake or click to take a picture (whether app settings are resident in the interface)
Call rejection / mute support
Switch control single touch
Check whether the mobile app settings are resident on the interface
Alarm clock app settings, divided into single and multiple alarm clock, a total of 20 groups (whether app settings are resident interface)
Exercise multiple exercise modes
The single endurance time is 3 hours
Battery capacity 30mah (30mah for each side)
Charging time 40 minutes
Take out the operation mode, automatically start up, connect back, touch control operation
The audio unit supports linein mode and background Bluetooth mode, active TWS intelligent dual transmitter direct connection, 15 segment PEQ and HD call noise reduction

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