X-TIME SOLAR BUDS: Always ON Bluetooth Earbuds



You will never be out of battery

✓ Solar energy charging design

✓ Wireless stereo earbud

✓ 2500 mAh power bank case

Keep calm and solar ON

Get rid of your old collection of earphones with its cord, and here you welcome to the modern era of wireless earbuds. Does it still sound ordinary? How about 1 device of Bluetooth earbuds that you connect wirelessly to your smartphone and it comes with solar energy for you to charge your smartphone up to 25000mAh? We all know that you need something extraordinary, a single device and multifunctional.

X-Time Solar Buds

Latest Bluetooth Version

X-TIME SOLAR BUDS is great for you to stay on the beat with Bluetooth earphones without pesky cables connecting each earbud. High-speed Bluetooth 5.0 core chip means more energy efficient and long time use, coverage distance is twice further and faster, audio signal transmission is much faster than the previous version. Works perfectly for an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device.

Shut The Noise Background

Are you a pro eSports player who needs to communicate with teammates? Hearing background noise can be the most annoying thing ever? Skip the distractions and enjoy a better audio experience with X-TIME SOLAR BUDS. Crowd noise can interfere with your gameplay. Find your best comfort gaming earbuds that provide you noise-canceling, and tend to provide superb sound quality overall. X-TIME SOLAR BUDS is designed to make it comfortable for left and right ear use. Sync left and right earbuds each other in a click. Dual-use satisfies left and right-handed, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. There are three sizes of silicone tips for convenient installation. The holes at the tips keep pressure equal on both sides of the earbuds. Earmuffs or ear tips are available in size S/M/L. 

X-Time Solar Buds
X-Time Solar Buds

Always on 160 hours

Do not panic with endless online meetings, X-TIME SOLAR BUDS will surprise you with 160 hours long stand-by time! When most audio devices have extremely long battery life ranging from 8 hours all the way up to 50 hours, a high-tech pair of X-TIME SOLAR BUDS can last up to 160 hours on a single charge. Pop a tiny little earbud into each ear to have online meetings, conference calls, listen to music, or even non-stop movie time. Battery for charging case 2500mAh.

Sun is The Power

Portable battery packs that collect power from the sunlight and turn it into electricity, no need to plug them into an electrical socket. A 2500mAH large capacity rechargeable tank is in your hands. Safe and environmentally conscious with a built-in high-temperature resistance lithium-ion battery, it can withstand up to 175℉(80℃), has an intelligent charging circuit design, plus intelligently adjust the charge current to avoid overheating.

X-Time Solar Buds
X-Time Solar Buds

Waterproof and Unbreakable

Make your investment worthwhile with wireless earbuds that were designed to resist damage when dropped or knocked, rain, or falling in a puddle. X-TIME SOLAR BUDS feature with Earphone IPX6 grade waterproof function. Size of 9.5*6.8*3.4cm. Multi-channel working procedure for design and can effectively prevent rain and sweat. Just in case you accidentally throw these earbuds that won’t be apart but keep working like new. We call it a rock-solid fit with superb sound quality. Are you wasting your hard-earned money on buying new earbuds just to see them break in a couple of months?

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

A good idea to merge powerbank with solar panel and earbuds. the earbuds sound is good tho


We pair it with the iPhone using bluetooth, but i believe it will work with any Android as well. The title says iPhone 7, but it will work with any phone through bluetooth.


I left this under the sun with no intent, and its fully charging! way more better I can use this for power bank


they fit perfectly in my ear and are comfortable to wear all day. I swear you would forget you're even wearing them.


These are high quality, comfortable wireless earbuds. Very happy with the noise cancelling, the fit and finish.

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